About Us

Welcome to sobticket.com! Sobticket.com, owned and operated by Spectrum IT Solutions Ltd. It is an advanced online ticket service provider which aims to make you purchase various tickets in the simplest, easiest, smartest and most convenient way. With the introduction of booking/ticketing through OTS (Online Ticketing System) which permits viewers to purchase tickets by using debit/credit card, mobile wallets and internet banking through our web-link www.sobticket.com. We do not operate any shows, events or movies of our own.

What we offer and how it works?

sobticket.com enables viewers to purchase ticket(s) from any where at any time, just by using internet through the Website. You can rest assured that your payment will be transferred safely through a highly secured payment system. You will be offered the list of available tickets based on your selection. Then you can proceed for payment through the portal. In just a few clicks, you can purchase ticket(s) from anywhere via internet! Once the purchase is confirmed, a SMS is sent to the customer mobile phone. This SMS has the reference number along with other ticket related information.
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